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Eating Disorders Anonymous is a fellowship of individuals who share their strength, experience and hope to solve their common problems with food, weight and body image and to help others recover from their eating disorders.

The only requirement for becoming a member of Eating Disorders Anonymous is the desire to recover from an eating disorder.  We are a completely self-supporting group, and there are no required dues of fees for membership.

Our primary purpose is to recover from our eating disorders and to spread the message of recovery to others.

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 Durham EDA is a 12 step based group in Ontario focused on recovery from eating disorders including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and ED-NOS.  We are a community focused on recovery, balance and freedom.

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Joining is simple!  All you need is a desire to recover from an eating disorder.

We meet weekly on Thursday nights from 7-8 PM at Pickering Village United Church.  We run both open and closed meetings, check out the Meetings page for more info.

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Durham Eating Disorders Anonymous